No one here can say my name


From the luck of draw (or maybe because they recognize how much I rock) the airline gave me an upgrade to economy premium class.I was such a tourist and took pictures of all of the extra accommodations.They served mashed potatoes and pork chops for lunch and vegetarian lasagna for dinner.We also got noise canceling headphones for our entertainment pleasures, which I have to say, work exceptionally well.I listened to my own music with earplugs and put the noise canceling headphones over them, only to hear the sounds of silence.

All in all, I slept about 4 hours as an afternoon extended nap.They actually had an internet outlet and charging station on my seat, so I got the chance to watch a few movies on my new lappy.I spent the whole ride reclined and drinking cabernet sauvignon.I highly suggest this time waster.There’s nothing better than just passing out drunk on a plane and waking up to find 5 hours fly by.Also, solving Sudoku while drunk is quite the challenge.It’s definitely much more interesting when I don’t remember filling it out and how I have three 9’s in a box.Maybe it was just the sloppy handwriting.I bought the little Sudoku book for $3 at the airport and I’ve already went through a third of it.

The flight was 13 hours and the layover at Narita was 2.I actually got lost and wandered around outside of the airport for a good hour.I tried not to look like a tourist, but that’s like asking a penguin to not look like it’s wearing a tuxedo… I don’t know why that came to mind…

The second flight was awesome because I sat in business class.The seats reclined all the way to the bed position at the press of a button.Pity the flight was only shy of an hour.As usual, pictures will all be posted on facebook.

Ryu picked me up from the Itami airport and helped me settle in.His English is as good as my Japanese, so our communication was lacking.I tried to use more simple verbs and ask straight forward questions, but I mostly heard “eto… ahno…”The question regarding his major and what he was doing his master’s thesis on was responded with a blank stare.All I really learned about him is that he’s a teacher.He didn’t even say the subject.

I thought I learned most of the Japanese language, but everything sounds like mumbo jumbo to me.Even their English sounds foreign, and I find myself resorting to smiling and using hand signals for communication.Hopefully I’ll catch on to more phrases with the 3 months to come.

I unpacked my stuff in 30 minutes and I now have the rest of the night to do nothing.There’s no internet access yet, and I have to survive on the 19000 yen for two days.I’ll probably wake up and find the Erics somewhere on the loop line.I really wish I could have exchanged money so I don’t feel like I’m going to get stranded somewhere.I’m sure someone will accept my American money if I really get desperate.Well, I start the scary research project on Monday at 3PM.Going to get there all by myself like a big boy 😀.

~See Lemons Adjust