Sayonara, Osaka University

Thank you...

Thank you...

Random Observation/Comment #44: I will miss you all.  Please come to New York and drink like fish.

Now that I read my title again, it sounds like a corny “hasta la vista, baby” type of overdone Clint Eastwood cliche.  I did not intend for this, but I find it funny and a little disappointing that Hollywood has, once again, ruined something cultural.  I really meant it as just a sad goodbye… don’t cry.

I am a week behind on my crazy adventures with Chris, but I have not yet had time because of the packing, farewell parties, and club hopping adventures.  I’ve absolutely loved my time here so far and I’d want nothing more than to come back.  Actually, I’ll be back in the lab August 21st, but this will only be a short tease for my almost indefinite farewell at the end of August.

Now that Phase 1 is complete with the research work, I will move on to Phase 2: tourism!

I joined the Lost Japan tour and I hope to meet a lot of new and interesting people.  Internet will probably be from wifi connections at hotels, but I will try my best to continue posting.

~See Lemons Start Phase II