Chris… Mah niggah.



Random Observation/Comment #45: It’s nice to randomly talk out loud, and have a response with a less predictable answer.Why must I always know the answer to my own questions before asking them to myself?

Chris showed up Wednesday night (7/23) with a huge backpack and a friendly hug.Within the first 10 minutes, we must have cursed like it was our job.There was so much pent up anger from being so formal with other students and researchers that we had a full session of complaints and grievances in Japan.Of course, the sour is expected with the sweet. Many of these observations were simply based on cultural differences and oddities, which seems to be a common theme in most conversations amongst foreigners.

It felt really good cursing and having a receiving ear that understands my frustration. We didn’t need to speak slowly with a Japanese accent, or pause every few words to make sure the other person understood; there were no more hand gestures and broken English in this conversation.It was so straight-up gangsta New York style that no one else would understand, even if they grew up learning English in an international school.Chris and I tried to explain this concept to someone later in our adventures (which will be described in the appropriate order), but it was too difficult and confusing. I find it odd that this has become a familiar tongue.“Niggah, Is you fo’-serius?You look as fresh as a motherf*cker all up in this b*tch. Word life” would need an advanced degree in Hood to understand its true meaning.

Chris told me about the crazy friends he met in Tokyo and suggested a lot of places to visit. His couchsurfing buddy, Hiro, is the man for letting him stay for 12 days without rent.His experience has definitely been underground, and it is difficult to experience as a foreign tourist.The younger generation’s open-mindedness and Chris’ outgoing nature was the perfect combination for an enjoyable stay.I can only hope that the people I meet in the next few weeks will be as fun and friendly.

We played a game similar to the one played with the Erics, except instead of a number or star ranking for girls, we used color codes to be less obvious.Since there were so many pretty girls walking to our destinations, we started with just saying “dayum, I needa slam!” (or the alternative “dayum, I needa slam!” or just “she needs it.”Be sure to say “needa” with as much emphasis and anger as possible for the right effect. )As we passed more good looking girls we decided to add a blue, yellow, orange, red, and red hot color scheme for who needs it. Yes, it is a little demeaning and sexist, but we were only having fun and honestly complimenting them for a job well done – they were very presentable that day.

Every day that passed got increasingly crazy.During the middle of the day walking in Minoh or at 3AM at Pure drinking, I kept wondering how I wound up in these situations.I’ll explain each of them in detail, but each time I thought the vacation had been topped for the weird and completely badass events.In fact, as more days passed, the less the normally outstanding occurrences became noticeable.For example, normally, talking to a girl at a club and getting her information afterwards would be something to talk about.But if, let’s say, you talk to 6 different girls throughout the night, the level of ridiculousness is off the charts.I didn’t feel 6 times as happy as having just one, but followed more of a dumbfounded amazement at the night’s events.(It might also be the amount of alcohol content in our bloodstreams or the lack of sleep.)

Chris is very respectful and mindful of self image.He’s very careful to make sure I approve of actions that involve my personal choices.He played the humble game of giving the other person time to choose the activities, but I honestly didn’t really care where we went.Pictures can be taken anywhere and I’m always observant.I’m glad that, out of all the places we did repeat, the sights were a completely different experience from my initial visit.Overall, Chris was most useful for letting me express those New York status slang urges.

He left to Hiroshima on Tuesday (7/29) but our paths will cross again in Tokyo.Next time we’ll have to do something to top this weekend (if it’s even possible to top that craziness).At 6AM: “Umm, I work and travel…”

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We look Gangsta

We look Gangsta