Tuna Maki roll… please?

D - not an approved nickname

maki roll 😀 - not an approved nickname

Random Observation/Comment #49: Why didn’t I record a video of her talking? Ask Chris – it’s the cutest thing in the world.Picture a kitty wearing a panda suit, trying to play a small piano and then multiply the cuteness factor by 3.Eric, she’s even cuter than May – I know, it’s scary.

I woke up at 3PM still feeling a little drunk from the night before.I dreamed about some crazy things, but I wasn’t sure if they actually happened or not.Alcohol makes me a little forgetful, but patching the story with random comments is much more fun.The only thing I remembered clearly from the night before was that Maki would be available to hang out today.We called her and arranged a meeting location for dinner in Dotonbori Gokurakushowtengai.

The morning conversation was nonexistent because we felt like smeared shyt on the wall – what a mess.It didn’t help that we got lost a few times transferring with the JR loop line.When we arrived to JR Namba, we found a very interesting area filled with guys that juggled basketballs, pop-lock dancers, and girls that danced in front of mirrors. This girl wore a bandana and a shirt that just said “New York” on it, and another one just looked like a black guy got a hold of her wardrobe.We waited there 15 minutes and they were dancing in front of the mirror like idiots the whole time.It made me wonder how long they had been there and what they did with their lives.

Maki was a little difficult to find, but I remembered the large moving crab in the main street area.I think here (or the large Glico running man) is one of the best landmark places to meet.She showed us to this little old looking building that I would have passed for a museum.Apparently, it’s just a central market for all of Osaka’s famous side marts into one place.They had takoyaki, yakutori, yakusoba, okonomiyaki, and much more.They made the inside of the building look like old side alleys in the night time of back-in-the-day.The walls were filled with old pipes and half ripped posters.The floor looked like they used islands of stones instead of concrete filling.Atmosphere and food quality was exceptional, and I suggest tourists who love trying different foods to come here.

It was Chris’ first okonomiyaki so we let him do the honors of seasoning it and cutting it.The pictures all look like Chris and Maki were on a date, but that’s because I was taking all the pictures from my side.I think the conversation time was evenly spread.She brought photos of her stay in New York and we chatted while eating.

After dinner, we went through one of those scary walks.I was a little freaked out because the guys that jumped out to scare you wore the old potato sack with eye holes cut out like the killers in “The Strangers” (terrible movie, if you ask me).The person that walks in the front of the group gets scared by the automatic doors, but usually the girl following in the back gets the guys coming out of the hidden doors.The one spot that I remembered clearly was the choice of doors.It’s completely obvious that someone is hiding somewhere ready to jump out and scare you, but it’s still startling when the statue starts to move.All in all, it was a lot of fun having a girl hold onto my arm scared… oh wait… that was Chris (haha).

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