Taking it easy for a day

mmm.. delicious

mmm.. delicious

Random Observation/Comment #51: Drinking for 10 hours gives a nasty hangover and ruins all planned events for the next day.I guess Osaka Castle and Nara can wait.

We got back to the dorm around 8AM and slept until 4PM.We were planning to go to Osaka Castle, Nara, or Kobe, but it had already been too late in the afternoon.Instead, we went to Umeda and ate for the first time since 6:30PM the day before.We decided to eat sushi, so we had a little bar food on the train.This great little shop in Ishibashi station sold some of the best yakutori I’ve eaten.There was a large selection of meats and we just bought one of each (all of which I took pictures of).

While we recovered from the hangover with the help of cartilage, chicken skin, gizzard, other organs, and assorted meats, we decided to spend an hour at an internet café to get more information about the next few days.There were a few important matters to take care of and we had some time to kill (although there were no pictures that I could post, or Counter-strike I could play, I had plenty of work to do catching up on emails and gadget news.

I didn’t really remember how I got to the sushi place I had the first time because it was raining and I just ran across many streets to find shelter in a normal shopping district area.Nothing looked familiar and I played it off as if I had the slightest clue where I was going.I had a general sense of which direction to walk towards, but what were the chances I would reach the same place?The backup plan was to just find a random sushi conveyor belt restaurant or shabu shabu place and just sit for a meal.

In the moment of my most pessimistic state, the crosswalk appeared to me as if I had conjured a spell from my scroll. The red flag and familiar seats slowly painted themselves before me, and we had stumbled back upon my first sushi conveyor belt experience.Although the chefs passed the same warm smiles and welcoming shouts, there were new pieces of unique sushi and an extra stomach to share a larger variety.Since each plate had two pieces of each sushi, we just had one each and aimed towards diversity.

The meal was extraordinary, but for some reason (probably the alcohol withdrawal) we did not have the desire to go out drinking or sight-seeing.We wound up going back to the apartment and playing some ping pong before it closed at 10PM.Chris was pretty good, but I don’t think he expected me to play as if I were in a competition.There was an ongoing challenge between me and Jiang.Unfortunately, he always won from his unpredictable serves and ridiculous paddle – I think if I had brought my own, he would have had needed to up the difficulty level.

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful, but we planned our upcoming adventures and finished the extra food I had in the apartment.I gave Chris a lot of my maps for Kyoto and Chris told me different places to visit in Tokyo.

He ate all my edamame.You bitch.

~See Lemons Eat Sushi for a Day

that guy in the back is blending quite nicely

that guy in the back is blending quite nicely