Ueno Park: Blitz through the museums

My artsy fartsy picture in Ueno Park

My artsy fartsy picture in Ueno Park

Random Observation/Comment #55: Science museums used to be so much more fun, but now that I know all of the physics involved, it’s not as much of a mystery.It’s like watching a magic show where you’ve already learned all the tricks.Damn, how could I have been so impressed by simple concepts like magnetism, pullies, air pressure, and optics?

Dragging that stupid luggage early in the morning made me loathe its existence… Mendoksai.I don’t really mean it though – it holds all my precious belongings.I just wish it would sprout legs and follow me like an obedient dog that doesn’t need a leash (Or a gullible person that lost a bet).

Kinuya hotel was very close to the station and I give it a very positive review.The room was normal, but the doorway heights were a little low.The height was 6 ft, which left my hair grazed every time I passed through the doorway (I guess there are other tight fits in Japan).The itinerary said we would meet at 6PM, but it was only 11AM.After reading the sheet, the only thing I could think was “Shyt, I should have gone out the night before.”

Ueno Park is a recreational center, dating spot, tourist attraction, and even a home.There are quite a few fountains and statues sprinkled throughout the park that act as landmarks and gathering spots for street performances.The museums in this area are not ridiculously large, but running through the art, nature and science, and memorial museums can take a few days.If you follow the route I took and skim through the artwork, however, you could probably walk it in about 5 hours.

The museum experience should not be about pictures – it should be about learning new facts and admiring the mysteries of our past that foreshadow our future.It’s about the beauty of centuries of art that captures the hidden story of an evolved civilization.The science and nature museum was interesting since they tried to cover as much of our world’s life as possible, but in the end it’s obviously an understatement.I moved from floor to floor quickly because most of the mysteries of these animals had already been sorted in my mind.It used to be my interest, yet now I felt nothing – not a sparkle or a tingle of captivity.It disappointed me, which lead me to read in even more detail and look even harder to see something that would amaze me; something that I had not already learned.One of the few things I found incredible was the 360 degrees theater.It showed a short film about dinosaurs, which really made you feel like you were immersed in the film.My attempts to take videos of this just turned out to be a dark mess.

The Tokyo National Museum was a little different from the Science and Nature museum.It was filled with a lot of Asian sculptures and artifacts with brief explanations of each.I think combining these two museums in one day would be like walking any one of the museums in the city.Pictures were taken and descriptions were breezed over.The history is interesting, but once again, I did not feel it as a part of me.It’s not even the fact that I couldn’t understand the text or talks; it’s more that the facts were not new.There were some beautiful pots and swords that fit the timeline of events very nicely, though.Every new piece gave a more vivid video of this historic playback.In my mind, the recreation of battles included these samurai armor and swords.Different angles in this battle followed the small snippets of graphics through the display case.I guess if it was only for that, I’m glad I continue walking through each exhibition.

While wandering around the park, I saw a street performance that kept me mesmerized.The performers here are much more entertaining than those in the city because they don’t just break-dance or play music (not that any of those do not show extreme talent); they actually get the crowd involved like in a real stage performance.It’s a combination of humor, interaction, and practice which makes these people a great show.Unlike most Americans, the audience of Japanese children and adults feel an obligation to show support of his hard work with bills.Often the performers would incorporate into their routine the volunteer of children to help their effort.The particular guy I saw did everything skillfully and left everyone laughing with happiness and clapping in amazement.

From the street fair, I walked towards the pond and found the early blossoming of the water lilies.The pond was filled with them ready to blossom, and the density of the lily pads made the whole lake look like a field.My hotel room actually had one of the best views overlooking this beautiful scenery.

All in all, the park was an incredible journey through culture and I definitely enjoyed it.It doesn’t cost too much money, and I think it’s worth spending a full day there.

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A view of the tokyo national museum

A view of the tokyo national museum