Optimizing time

I still can’t believe I’m leaving in 3 days after being here for close to 3 months.  There aren’t words to express this feeling of sadness for leaving, yet a conflicting level of happiness for returning to where I call my home.  Japan has burrowed, setup living quarters, and ordered extraneous furniture in my heart.  I will never forget these beautiful days here, and I want nothing more than to come back.

My lack of writing has been evidence of how much I’ve been optimizing my time absorbing the atmosphere and hugging the ground.  I picture a little cartoon character flat on the soil trying very hard to give the Earth a big hug by wrapping his arms around the unnoticeable curvature, while at the same time, smiling with content at this unspeakable bond.

I love you, Japan.  Thank you for the wonderful time.  I’ll call you; and I’m not saying that so you won’t feel bad – I mean it with all my heart.  I promise we’ll be together again in the near future.  Don’t hold your breath for me.  Continue to sustain your family of millions, and keep up the good work with the hot looking girls.  You’ve left me satisfied so many times.  It won’t be awkward.  My tears are sweet, not salty.  The taste reminds me of our times together, which have always (and will always) leave me with a smile.  Let’s not make this any more difficult than it has to be.  Farewell.

~See Lemons Live

PS – this is not about a girl in Japan even though it’s almost convincingly enough to be

PPS – I will post more often when I find time between the beer and spirits