New York, I’ve missed your alcoholics

I’ve been home since Thursday, but I haven’t really been home because I spent the past three days in the city enjoying the last few days of summer with Jake, Justin, James, Chris, and Duff.  We caught up on our lost summer days of craziness and laughed over a few beers here and there.  We did a proper bar crawl – none of that “treasure hunting” stuff in Osaka.  This bar crawl does not need a 2000 yen entrance fee, nor does it need a prize at the end of the rainbow because we’re so drunk that we see leprechauns and fairies left and right on the regular (especially walking down St. Mark’s).

I had a bit of a culture shock when I entered into this normal NYC lifestyle.  I definitely saw a lot more fat people here in NY than in Japan.  Walking around the city isn’t anything new, but the streets are so much more dirty and people are so much less respectful.  It just seems like everyone is absorbed into their own world and they don’t even want to affiliate themselves as a part of this community.  In a city so busy, who would have thought that it could be so lonely.  Well, this feeling slowly subsided with a few beers and some shared drunken stories.

I am slowly, but surely (stop calling me shirley) finishing more and more entries of my Japanese travels.  They will be posted throughout the week (after I enjoy vacation just a little bit more before I have to actually go to classes and such).

~See Lemons Miss New York