Zushi beach with a night of karaoke

beautiful beach

beautiful beach

Random Observation/Comment #60: I’ve missed the entire beach season back at home.Japanese beaches (depending on what accent you say it in) just aren’t the same.Please at least give me a small wave (to the water and the girls).

For some reason, when I think of Japan, I don’t particularly think of beaches.I think of mountains, hiking, temples, sushi, and seaweed, but never swimming and tanning on a beach.It’s probably because I’ve never seen a lot of tan people in Japan.Yes, they’re all yellow (which can be mistaken as tan by some), but I saw that most of the girls want to stay pale.Perhaps it’s a sign of royalty because workers back in the day would always have that “undesired complexion.”Personally, someone that’s too tan isn’t good, but the ghost or corpse-look, isn’t too appealing either.They should at least try to look like they have some blood flowing through their body, don’t lurk in the night, or wear a layer of cellophane to prevent skin exposure.Whatever they’re trying to pull off, it’s been taking to yet another extreme.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is a small portion of Californian-wannabes with an artificial tan and bleached brown hair (because bleaching black doesn’t give you curly golden locks with piercing blue eyes no matter how hard you try).The physical appearance of these people is a personal choice that I would not pass any particular judgment because everyone has a preference and a freedom to project any image they deem appropriate (but damn, it looks stupid).

The beach is quite enjoyable for the warm breeze, beautiful view, and the constant head-turning eye candy.I very rarely find Japanese girls with love handles, spare tires, blubber butts, or thunder thighs.Although the particular Japanese curvatures do not “fill” to the American expectations, a sleek and slender design will not provoke any complaints from me.

In Zushi, the water stays hip level for about 30 meters into the water and the waves are 2 inches at best.The beach spans a small distance of the coast and drastically changes from sand to rocks to mountains and cliffs.The small curvature of the landform blocks the waves from entering.This is not body surfing conditions, but it’s sometimes nice to just bath and have a conversation with the random person next to you.This is, yet another, great dating scene.While I was there swimming in this warmish water, there were large groups of teenagers playing in their little group.They would stand on each other’s back and try to do back flips out of the water or practice some form of homosexual male synchronized swimming.I think when I was their age I at least tried to talk to and impress girls on the beach with drawings or sand sculptures – to each their own.

I could have stayed on that beach (laying on those chairs and drinking my cocktails) for hours.A small amount of entertainment came from the legal fireworks shot by the crazy teenagers drinking in the night, but I was mostly satisfied with the feel of the sand between my toes and sound of the waves breaking into the sand.It reminded me of home.Although this was vacation, the idea of security always lingered in the back of my head.It gave me an extreme craving for a steak that was cut to the appropriate thickness for barbeques.Why would you put bacon next to shish kebabs?

I was pried from the comfortable chair and pushed to move to our next location.Many would get an early sleep for the next day of travels, but the crazy group (usually me, RJ, and Yuka) went out for drinks and karaoke in Asakusa.This particular adventure was an open staged karaoke entertainment bar where the drunken audience would take their turns singing in front of the crowd of more drunken fools.This was the appeal for Helen to go on such a trip to experience Japanese Karaoke.Little did she know that sometimes singing a song you know with a bunch of drunken people is actually a lot of fun.Some people actually have a reason for doing things even though they’re not that good at it – who am I kidding, they suck at it and they will never improve, yet they still keep up the devil’s horns and bobbing head.

Unfortunately for Helen, there was no inebriated mass of businessmen cheering for the singer to show some skin.Instead, the main room with the large stage became a private room for the four of us.We paid even less than we would for a private room and we sang to our heart’s content (which was a bottle of sake and 4 songs).Thanks to our volunteer dancing assistance, RJ had an entertaining show.“Shed some covers, share some skin.”

~See Lemons Make Do with the Water


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