GObama – Thank you, Democracy

Random Observation/Comment #95: If Obama lost, I would have felt like democracy had failed and we’re just not being heard.  Also, we would have had to finish all of the alcohol in the house.  Yay, Presidential trivia!  It was a truly historical night.

My mind never grasped politics or history to its fullest extent.  For the most part, the numbers and names blurred into a series of entertaining stories.  The only difference with these stories is that they actually happened, and they’ve directly impacted the way we live today.  Hopefully when we study all of the angles that come into play, we can avoid the mistakes we’ve made in the past and discover alternative solutions.  Well, duh.  That’s what everyone does – we think about our experiences and learn from them.  So why is it so difficult to learn from our mistakes?  I’m not talking about the government being hounded for its eff ups and rarely praised for its daily duties of protection and stability.  I’m talking about the people that live in a part of this system and find it hard to cast a ballot.  Everyone wants to be heard when they’re directly affected, but so little will actually take the time and effort to be a part of the solution before there’s actually a problem.

Our society is complicated.  Democracy feeds on a complexity of individual thought and participation.  It makes an assumption that people will actually care about the bigger picture that controls their everyday lives.  Unfortunately, democracy could not fathom why people would just sit back and shield themselves from the sheer flow of information about candidates and the ideals they stand for.  There are people who willingly accept, and epically battle, for this high pressure, long hour job of making decisions that never have a definitive, balanced solution.  Should we not do our own research instead of being fed by leftist and rightist mainstream media?

I understand that this bipartisanship divides the nation.  With every decision, there will be people who are unhappy.  Are we really just choosing the candidate that will have the least number of people unhappy?  Sure!  What makes me sad is the system’s psychological spin.  In the past, people have voted for the party, not the candidate.  Actually, I bet you at least 70% of the people who voted had no idea what specific policies they were voting for – they just followed a crowd.  Whether it be the state, the city, their friends, or family, most people voting didn’t make the decision the real way people should make decisions.  They were just peer pressured into a booth and pushed all of the buttons that were under “Democrat.”

It’s been too long that we’ve lived in our own selfish lives and fought for our microscopic agenda.  The truth is, every candidate should not fit into a silly category and automatically adhere to all of its beliefs.  Every candidate should be individually inspected for their voting policies and compared to your own beliefs.  Yes, you’re allowed to vote Republican if you know the Democrat has been convicted of 8 felonies.  It’s such a blind choice and definitely a botched system.  I don’t claim to know the answer of the better system, but the division just doesn’t seem fair.

~See Lemons Want Change