Angus can blog?

me and angus

me and angus

Random Observation/Comment #100 (yay, happy dance): Writing is my release.  It is an addiction I indulge in at least an hour a day.  My entries do not take a lot of extra thought.  When I close my eyes, these words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and endless pages just appear on the screen.  These lines take me higher.  I’ve been writing consistently for 7 years now, but I’ve never considered this a career.  Conveying ideas is obviously necessary in every area of work and study, but writing to the people, for the people, seems like I’ve betrayed my original purpose.  I started writing to maintain a time capsule of events that changed my life.  Before I left to Japan, I reread all of these entries and opened a flood of memories and emotions.  I laughed, cried, smiled, and generally showed this stoic face of reflection.  It took a week to read through all of my entries of 6 years.  My childish high school angst and ambitious college rants became a part of me again.  If I had the super powers that absorbed other people’s super powers (which I could technically have, but never be able to test), the feeling of rereading those entries would be analogous to taking someone’s powers.

My brother started a blog most probably to be more like me (not probable at all).  He writes about what’s important to his life: cars, family, friends, career, food, art, and cars (done on purpose).  What he has to say does not really contribute to the community as a civil service of any sort, but rather offers a peer into his very respectable outlook on life.  Everything checks out when you listen to his story.  I love cars; therefore I will design roads so millions of cars can be happy.  I don’t think Angus is completely obsessed.  It would be an obsession if he calls his cars his girlfriends, mistresses, and wives, but why would anyone ever do a crazy thing like that?

Angus calls his cars his girlfriends, mistresses, and wives.  He loves driving them until every gallon of fuel is depleted.  I know you’re asking the question every person asks when I tell them this, “how does he juggle so many of them without extreme jealousy and spontaneous combustions in the name of love?”  The trick is to keep them in separate garages.  It’s also a good idea to not mix up their names at the peak of your first gear rev.  He currently has a weekend car and a normal drive to and from work.  I think he will collect enough to change their names to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… Now if those were real women, I’d be a happy driver.

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