Anal itinerary planning


Hey, Spot 🙂

Random Observation/Comment #136: I think I have a severe case of OCD to the point where I am obsessed about not showing how obsessed I am about a plethora* of different topics.  In a sense, this level of obsession cancels all other compulsive actions and forces me to act normally.  My brain is a mess.

I’ve decided to post the results of my research in a series of blog entries (I’ve already done so much work, so why not?).  These entries will give my first impressions of the cities based on the research.  The results of these entries could then be compared to my first-hand experience after I reach these locations.  I will list all of the places that are popular, and then narrow down to the places I’d personally like see.  The last filter will be the places that I have time to see and how I will be able to fit these places into a detailed itinerary.  I would effectively be doubling the size of this blog if I completely do this, so I’ll try to keep it as bullet-pointed as possible.

The subsequent entries will cover the following cities, going in order of my visits:

  • London – Bad Food, Worse Weather
  • Hamburg – The Long Island of New York
  • Munich – From Drinking to Drunk
  • Lucerne – Skiing and Beautiful Girls
  • Interlaken – The Center of Extreme Sports
  • Berlin – Hopefully it can be deemed “the City”
  • Prague – Suggested favorite with high alcohol consumption
  • Amsterdam – Legal Drugs
  • Cologne – A Famous Castle and some roads
  • Heidelberg – A Famous University and some roads
  • Brussels, Ghent, and Brugge – Beer and Chocolate
  • Luxembourg – More Castles
  • Paris – Could it be anybody? I need somebody to Love.
  • Nice – Wine and beaches
  • Dublin – Guinness (period)

Each of these blogs will be separated into the following sections:

  • Random Observation/Comment – hopefully relating to the location
  • General Research – main places that people have recommended with my opinion for the must-sees.  I will separate these by Regions.
  • Optimized Days – places I will hopefully go – resources will be given for maps, itineraries, and general information

Although I like writing, this planning was purely from my hours of reading blogs and copying and pasting ideas.  I like to be thorough.  Hopefully, this will act as a good summary for those who consider similar travel plans.

~See Lemons with First Impressions

*”… I got bling up the ying; A plethora of Porsches; I say anything ‘cause my mouth is remorseless; Even the Source says my hip-hops a vortex; Leave horse heads on doorsteps, my mic-checks cost Corvettes; …MC Chris owns; I want to go to an MC Chris show; but he doesn’t tour so in the mean time; I’m gonna memorize all of his rhymes”