Stuffing shyt into a suitcase

Packing may cause a cute headache... awww

Packing may cause a cute headache... awww

Random Observation/Comment #139: For this Euro-trip, I’ve been planning my necessities since October.  My list on the exact set of clothes and underwear I’ll be bringing has not changed in quite some time.  This being said, I’ve started wearing the “less favored” clothes (including underwear) these past 4 months.  These adjustments to my fashion-sense have brought me closer to my wardrobe (haha – no homo).

I love packing.  I personally enjoy the reassurance that everything I planned on bringing is included when I can keep the checklist continuously updated.  Depending on the trip, I will either act like Jack Nicholson in “As Good As It Gets” or wait until the last hour to stuff things into any suitcase.  The latter technique is used when packing short trips to familiar places like Vermont or Pennsylvania.  The former will be activated for this trip.

Everyone has been suggesting that I pack lightly, but unfortunately, I will be traveling through the freezing cold, moderate cold, lukewarm, and scorching hot temperatures.  The solution that made the most sense for me was to wear layers.  I’ll bring thin, long-sleeve shirts and just wear the short-sleeves under it while I’m traveling when it’s cold.  Thin shirts will fit into my luggage in the “rolling packing technique” and I expect to optimize my luggage space.  T-shirts should be cheaper in price, so even if I don’t pack too many, I will be able to purchase some during the summer.  I’m sure most of the time in Spain will be skins, anyway.

The following is my packing list for approximately 2 weeks-ish (keep layered)

  • Clothes:
    • Jeans – 5 pairs
    • T-Shirts – 9
    • Long sleeve – 6
    • Long sleeve over – 2
    • Sweater – 1
    • Jackets – 2
    • Socks – 10 pairs
    • Boxers – 10 pairs
    • Button up Shirt – 1
    • Dress Shoes/Dress Clothes? – (not necessary)
    • Normal Shoes
    • Hiking shoes – buy?
    • Slippers – brown
    • PJs – 1
    • Sweatpants – 1
    • Under-armor – 1
    • Long underwear – 2
    • Shorts – 2
    • Activities shorts – 1
    • Bathing Suit – 1
  • Accessories:
    • Belt
    • Watch
    • Wallet
    • Hat
    • Scarf? – maybe… my jacket zippers really high…
    • Face mask – if I go skiing…
    • Gloves – ski gloves
    • Umbrella – 1: shrinkable
    • Sunglasses – buy?
  • Technology:
    • Power Converter – 2: 220V
    • Phone – iPhone Activate
    • Phone charger
    • Camera
    • Camera accessories (wires, charger)
    • Laptop
    • Laptop accessories (wires, charger)
    • USB key
    • Headphones
  • Bathroom stuff:
    • Shaver with charger
    • Toothpaste
    • Toothbrush
    • Body Soap
    • Shampoo
    • CK-B
    • Tissues – 10
    • Lip balm
    • Nail-clippers
  • Medicine:
    • Stomach stuff
    • Cold medicine
    • Biotin
    • Zyrtec-D
    • Lotion
  • Bags:
    • Ziplock medium and large – 10
    • Normal Plastic – 5
    • CS Messenger bag
    • Jansport backpack
    • Black foldable carry-on
    • Large suitcase

Most people will not be traveling as long as I will, but some of the products I mentioned may have been overlooked.

By the way, if you think this list was nerdy, you should have seen the more detailed one where I list the exact clothes I have planned to bring.  I have taken these out because I’ve noticed I call all my clothes by their brand names :P.  Happy Packing.

~See Lemons Pack