What’s the worst that could happen?

Essence of Airline

Essence of Airline

Random Observation/Comment #146: Pessimistic people have a somewhat contagious personality.  Their over-planning and obsessive carefulness makes me worry a little more than usual (which is pretty impressive).  Voicing your opinion is very much appreciated, but it’s not as fun when I hypothetically could be the protagonist in your scary movie plots.  Please spare me the descriptive forms of torture.  Yes, it’s very creative thinking about SAW ideas – thank you for the nightmares.

The normal “Hostel”-type horror simulation has passed through my mind a few times, but I’ve deemed this situation as something much less probable.  Some psychotic sociopath capturing me to harvest my organs for money has not reached the list of my worries because I have no way of preventing these unfortunate mishaps.  I’ll just keep my imagination contained and in a PG-13 level.

What is much more probable is the loss of luggage or a pick-pocket-situation.  If I lost my laptop, my trip would be beyond ruined.  I don’t know how the trip could even possibly recover.  Unfortunately, most of my worries involve losing things.  The most important, of course, being my passport.  If I were stranded in Europe without a passport, what would I, or could I, do?  I think I’m just going to assume that this is not a viable option.  I have kept copies of my important stuff in separate places and money spread out in 8 different places (just in case).

The only thing I can do is speak humbly and act anything-but-American.  Once I start sentences like “In America, we …” I will be ostracized.  I shouldn’t be that guy that makes conversations based on terrible stereotypes.  For example, if someone mentions New Zealand, never mention Lord of the Rings or cliff diving.  There needs to be something about each country that goes one level deeper than the main attractions passed around everyday conversation or found on the first page of guide books.  I will, hopefully, be able to learn these details and share them :).

As an interesting side note, my uncle has been backpacking before and he mentioned a different way of traveling. He would allot a certain amount of money for each country and just leave after that envelope of money was depleted.  This would assure that he didn’t splurge too much and just maintained that junky lifestyle.  He kept his hygiene as a priority, but wore some of the junky-est clothes.  I’m considering adopting such a travel lifestyle.  I’m sorry, G-Star :(.

~See Lemons Optimistic