I’m alive

I don’t have time to write because this has been an amazing start to my life journey.  London is absolutely beautiful, and the weather has been merciful.  I have seen some gloomy skies with some moist humidity, but there were some clear sky days that have been exceptional for my camera obsessions.  It’s been 4 days and I’ve already taken 1300 photos.  I wish I could put them on facebook faster, but the wifi connections are not exactly ideal.

I’ll write a real entry shortly.  I just wanted my parents to know that I’m alive (I’ve called them and wrote separate emails like a good boy, but I feel like they are the ones checking my blog page every 2 seconds to see the latest update on my adventure).  

St. Christopher’s Inn is a hostel connected to a bar, which I think is the best business decision in the world.  I’m meeting loads of new people and asking millions of questions about local customs.  Not surprised, I mainly spoke with other tourists visiting London.   Details will follow shortly.

~See Lemons Enjoy London