Interlaken is Awesome.

This is an intermediate post since there is no random observation/comment. I have been so busy having the time of my life in this beautiful, yet expensive, hardcore tourist attraction outdoors-y city.  I don’t think I’ve had so much fun sledging (or sledding) down steep ski tracks with absolutely no control.  Hang-over hikes have been amazing and the people I’ve met here exude their own unique personalities.  Most cities, like Berlin or Munich, have a wild night-life, which causes a late start to the other tourist desires the next day.  Interlaken on a weekday, however, seems to be filled with naps and relaxing conversations near fireplaces.  The kitchen is used often to avoid the $20+ dinners and the alcohol, if planned correctly that morning, could be relatively cheap.  I haven’t slept later than 11 because I’ve been so exhausted from the outdoors activities earlier in the day.  I think this type of cycle is the most healthy (especially without the alcohol and sleep-deprivation).  I am absolutely loving it here, and more details will come after writing about London.

~See Lemons Love Interlaken