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Brain Rules from litemind blog

Brain Rules from litemind blog

Random Observation/Comment #184: I have decided that I would rather be intelligent than beautiful.  I don’t think I am saying this because I am not beautiful.

It was 4 years ago (after freshman year of college) that I realized that the value of this education was not determined by the bell curve or the number of parties (or lack thereof) I attended.  It was more important to pick apart my mental state and familiarize myself with the intricate complexities behind my own subconscious – I was studying to learn how to learn.  Since then, I’ve devised my own ways of improving my memory, processing my thoughts, and organizing my world.  I’m always thirsty for new methods that can advance this odd intelligence, and I think I found a blog with that same thing in mind.

His entries are all inspiring, but I’ve found the mind mapping method to be the most interesting.  I looked at this nice radial tree and everything automatically clicked for some reason. It was a filtering method I had developed and understood, but could never put into an image.  The freemind program provides for an easy platform to take notes and summarize events.  I will just reference his article because he does a better job explaining the pros and cons.  I am considering adopting this to a complete mapping of my brain on several subjects.  I think this would feed my ranting stream of consciousness and hopefully help people ignore that which they seem irrelevant in my blogging.  I’m hoping that this will help my mind focus.  Another side project…

~See Lemons Mind Map