How was your trip?

Just like my vacation.

Just like my vacation.

Random Observation/Comment #208: As the trip winds down, I feel this nervousness that I can only describe as the feeling I get right before I wake from a lucid dream.  I try to concentrate on my hands and relish the dream state, but I know it’s slipping.  It’s like the universe realizes I’m close to finding the meaning of life, so it just resets itself and brings me back to square one.  Why not a few more days? A few more hours?  I guess I’d always want more from this dream.  At least it’s a dream I will always remember.  I’ll probably think of it whenever I yawn and forget to cover my mouth.

I dedicate this entry to the typical questions that I will definitely be asked by my friends.  Since no one reads this, I will have to say this again anyway.  Of course, I would love to relive these moments and share the stories in person rather, so please feel free to ask.  Plus, I tend to answer these types of questions based on the person I’m talking with.  If I think you’re the type of person that wants to hear about locations for your next personal travel, I’d try to talk more about my opinions of the major cities.  If you’re the type of person that’s into food, I’d describe the specialty meals and different cuisines around Europe.  If you love partying and alcohol (and who doesn’t), I’d talk about some crazy nights/mornings I had.  And if you’re Jake, James, or Justin, who want to hear about “slamming European bitches,” I’ll try my best to go into as much detail as possible.

The obvious question really doesn’t take much creativity, but I will save the answer to the end. Hopefully, the previous questions and answers will give some type of answer to it.

Q: Where did you go?

A: In chronological order, I spent one week in London, one week in Interlaken, 5 days total in Berlin, 2 days in Dresden, 6 days total in Amsterdam, 7 days total in Munich, 2 trips to Fussen for Neuschwanstein Castle, 8 days total in Prague, 2 days in Dusseldorf, 1 day in Hannover, 1 day in Schwerin, 1 day in Stuttgart, 6 days total in Brussels/Bruge, 3 days total in Schliersee, 5 days in San Sebastian, 1 day in Bilbao, 5 days in Barcelona, 5 days in Madrid, 5 days in Denia, 4 days in Valencia, 4 days in Paris, 1 day in Binz, and the rest of the time in Hamburg.

Q: Which was your favorite city?

A: This is a very difficult question.  I have favorites for different categories, but for an overall I think it’s a tie between Interlaken and Denia.  Of course if I ranked it by just the place I had the most fun, Hamburg would win hands down – I had met some of the best people around the world in the international dorm, but if I were to deal with this from a traveler’s point of view, my recommendations would be as follows.  This would actually be best answered in chart form.  With the cities as the rows, the columns will have marks out of 5 based on the categories of Party/Nightlife, Nature, Food, Relax, Romance, History/Museums, and Activities. I’ll leave a column for extra comments as well.

Trip Summary

Trip Summary

Q: Why were you able to do this again?

A: I was there working on a “research project” with Hamburg University. Hopefully, I’ll be able to publish a conference paper from it. It was much more of a Liberal Arts vacation though.

Q: How many pictures did you take?

A: A lot. I’d do the statistics about my picture taking again, but that would be way too nerdy. Approximately 30GB-worth.

Q: Slam? (For the obvious people.)

A: Wordlife.

Q: How was your trip?

A: This past year has been the best year in my life. It surpasses all of my other trips combined and will be remembered forever. The number of friends I met – quite a few.  The memories we built together – priceless.

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