Using the rest of the vacation wisely

using the vacation wisely, no?

Random Observation/Comment #229: There’s really not much of this awesome free-time left.  Shouldn’t I be out enjoying myself to the max before I’m tied down?  There are so many dreams I can cross off the list or take larger leaps to reach.

  1. Finish book about love. I really want to publish it and get a major goal cross off my list. I don’t care if it doesn’t sell, I didn’t write it for that purpose (or for me) anyway.
  2. Setup top secret website. I will always be dreaming of the next start-up company. Why not put it all together?
  3. Kickoff Pioneer blog for Cooper. I might as well do something to help the old community. If I’m not going to be a professor, maybe there are other ways to pass on knowledge.
  4. Restart workout routine. I’ve wanted that six pack for 8 years, but I’ve never actually gotten it.  I was almost there, and then I came home to my Mom’s amazing cooking and then traveled to all these incredible eating capitals. I think I can multitask the listening to language audio-books and workout into one, so why not?
  5. Fix sleeping schedule. Lucid dreaming is still the best, and I will not part with it.  If I’m going to wake up at 6:30 to get to work, I’m definitely going to need to be able to sleep by midnight.  Damn all those parties.
  6. Project Wean-Back-Into-Working. I don’t expect to be able to do a full 8-hour day of work from this hazy, lazy lifestyle.  It’s 2PM and I’m still in my pajammy-jams. That’s the type of vacation this was.  See next entry for details.

One month for 6 things. I think this is considered a New Year’s Short-term Resolution.  Damn, those resolutions are just floating everywhere this time of year.

~See Lemons Finish Strong