Against the clock

I am a photographer 🙂

Random Observation/Comment #245: I haven’t written here this month yet. This is horrible. I guess I had way too much fun on my trip with friends to reflect.

I will keep this short and simple so I can make the clock for this month. Although writing is incredibly liberating, I feel like I needed to do it here to spread some random advice that I think some people would want to read.  I hoped that someone would randomly read through all my bullshit and find a nugget of information that inspires them.

Do you know what I’ve learned this vacation? It’s so much easier to keep someone’s attention talking about these subjects than it is to have them read through everything. I don’t even know how I could write so much.  I think it’s all just a poorly planned brain dump of everything that may or may not relate to a topic.  However, if I don’t have a written trail, I think it’s rather acceptable to drift the conversation towards these topics and express myself in the same satisfying way.  Maybe I don’t always need to write it down if I spend time with my friends chatting about the things that I need to reflect about instead of sitting in front of my laptop writing about these things in hopes that they would read it and bring up the topic again later…

Anyway – I love mashed potatoes and photography. I think I should take pictures of mashed potato figures as a hobby. And then I’ll eat the mashed potatoes. Yum.

~See Lemons Make the August 2010 Post!

PS – something more meaningful and much longer tomorrow. (Well maybe not the meaningful part, but definitely much longer).