Clemens’ Epic 30 day Challenge

Random Observation/Comment #287: Time is the most precious thing in this world. Make every moment count and live your dreams.

It’s so epic…

I’m about to embark on completing all of my side projects within 30 days.  It’s going to be… dare I say it… Epic.  I will make this entry like an FAQ:

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: Why not? Life is short and I have amassed too many side projects over the years that have been on the brink of completion, but fallen short because I started too many new side projects; it’s a vicious cycle.  These projects have little-to-no connection with what I do in my career.  Instead, they are passions that had sprung from my desires.  Last year, I wrote an entry reflecting on 2011 that outlined my desires, goals, aspirations, dreams, and fantasies quite clearly.  These have not changed that much, yet I felt like my progress has been slowed by comfort. Time is speeding up and all I want to do is slow it down and smile at my small insignificant life.

Q: Fine. Let’s say I’m still interested. What are the challenges?
A: I have broken down these challenges into separate categories:


  • Fun
    • Send postcards to friends from around the world
      • $60 of stamps, 50 custom-made post cards, 60 friends’ mailing addresses
    • Cook thanksgiving dinner
      • Making my first turkey (13lbs in the fridge); mashed potatoes; steak; yams
    • Take a class on dancing (maybe someone I know can teach me?)
      • Why not? It’s outside my comfort zone and I should try it
    • Take an anti-gravity pilates class
    • Draw all day
      • 4-hours on self-portrait
    • Volunteer day
      • Hurricane Sandy relief
    • Take a class on singing (maybe someone I know can teach me?)
      • I think I have an okay shower voice. I’d like some criticism
    • Post video on youtube of me singing a song
      • Again, out of my comfort zone and I should do a before and after with the singing class
    • Contact Rhett and Link
    • Post video on youtube of epic TT match: Clemens vs Johnson
      • I’ll have Edmund as an official umpire for this
    • Eat a tasting menu
      • Do the research on the best tasting menu and eat the crap out of it with tons of photos
    • Post on Reddit
      • Possibly an AMA for doing this Epic 30 Day challenge
  • Photography
    • Make book of pictures for Alex (Send to his parents and their families)
      • Using and create a book for Alex’s 1st birthday
    • Create event photography portfolio
      • Write a blog post about event photography
    • Post photos of most memorable foods
      • Choose photos of memorable foods and post them with reviews
    • Make book of favorite picture from each city I’ve traveled
      • Using and create a book for all places I’ve traveled with comments
    • Fashion blog entry
      • Take pictures of Chris, James, and Jame Earl of their clothes. Set-up the tripod and lights.
  • Writing
    • Publish Bedtime Moo Story
      • I wrote this book for Natasha and I thought I would publish it in August, but it didn’t happen. I might as well do it.
    • Publish comic book
      • I wrote a few chapters of Hylourd with Ryan Cummins that had not been published. Once Ryan sends me the slides, I will post this.
  • Technical
    • Publish master’s thesis
      • This is more of a filler, but I’d like to publish it and write a post about how I wrote it
    • Publish Digiweave suggestions idea doc
      • Since I never did this start-up idea, I wanted to at least put it out there so maybe someone else can do it. I planned it for some time and wrote a requirements doc for it.
  • Daily
    • Blog about day’s challenge activity
    • Connect with a person from web of peeps
      • Publish the web of peeps mind map
    • Prepare for 512
      • 500 jumping jacks, 100 push-ups, 200 crunches
  • Twice a week
    • Post an unfinished blog post from the past
      • I have many, but one will be “My Ideal Day” and another will be “Perfect Simplicity”
    • Post an unfinished yelp review
      • One yelp review will be of the Omakase
  • Towards the end
    • Shave my head / Mohawk
      • Just because I haven’t done this in 4 years
    • Get a tattoo
      • Just because it’s my body
    • Prepare my own TED talk on this
      • This will practice my presentation skills and I’ve always wanted to make a TED talk. Hopefully after this, I’ll have something to talk about.
    • “Reflecting on 2012” blog post with best pics of 2012
      • I do this every year, and hopefully this year it will be epic

Q: What if you don’t follow the schedule or fall behind?
A: I’ll do my best. As with all projects, I expect slippage.  I will adjust dynamically, but I’m looking more at the deliverables.  My progress will be posted on this new FB page and on this blog.

~See Lemons Determined