Day 1: Epic 30 Day Challenge Scheduled

Random Observation/Comment #288: If you’re not challenged, it’s not anyone’s fault but your own.  Go and do something.

I’ve made a schedule and project managed the shit out of this. It is in my Google Calendar with dependencies and notifications for items that take longer and need reminders. Let’s see if I’m able to do this.


  1. Wed, Nov 21 – Prep for Thanksgiving. Post this schedule.
  2. Thurs, Nov 22 – Cooking my First Turkey! Recipe and step-by-step photos.
  3. Fri, Nov 23 – Post web of peeps mind map
  4. Sat, Nov 24 – Day of Drawing self-portrait
  5. Sun, Nov 25 – Write postcards!
  6. Mon, Nov 26 – Send postcards; Make book of pictures for Alex
  7. Tues, Nov 27 – Create event photography portfolio and post tutorial
  8. Wed, Nov 28 – Publish master’s thesis
  9. Thurs, Nov 29 – Post photos of most memorable foods
  10. Fri, Nov 30 – Publish Hylourd comic book first few chapters
  11. Sat, Dec 1 – *Fashion blog entry (whenever the Gallaghers are ready for pics)
  12. Sun, Dec 2 – *Blog post on “My Ideal Day”
  13. Mon, Dec 3 – *Singing lessons + youtube video of me singing
  14. Tues, Dec 4 – *Anti-gravity pilates class
  15. Wed, Dec 5 – Contact Rhett and Link – do “Good Mythical Morning” intro video
  16. Thurs, Dec 6 – Eat a tasting menu. Write about choosing Omakase.
  17. Fri, Dec 7 – Contra-dancing with Brian
  18. Sat, Dec 8 – Make book of places I’ve traveled to. Mind map.
  19. Sun, Dec 9 – *Volunteer day
  20. Mon, Dec 10 – *Blog post on “Perfect Simplicity”
  21. Tues, Dec 11 – *Record the epic TT battle Clemens vs Johnson – make an event
  22. Wed, Dec 12 – Post album “Best of 2012”
  23. Thurs, Dec 13 – Publish Digiweave Suggestions idea
  24. Fri, Dec 14 – Publish “Bedtime Moo Story”
  25. Sat, Dec 15 – *Get tattoo
  26. Sun, Dec 16 – Shave my head / Mohawk
  27. Mon, Dec 17 – Post on reddit
  28. Tues, Dec 18 – Prepare and record TED talk (5-7 min) on Epic 30 day challenge
  29. Wed, Dec 19 – Physical challenge: 512
  30. Thurs, Dec 20 – “Reflecting on 2012” blog post

* subject to change

Daily challenges: Post on blog and FB page daily about activity, Prep for physical challenge gradually, Connect with someone from my web of peeps

Additional FAQ:

Q: Are you doing this because of the end of the Mayan calendar?
A: Just as many people believe in their religions just in case a Heaven and Hell exist, I am doing all of these activities just in case the world changes.  Even if the world doesn’t change, I surely will.

Q: Why are you posting about this?
A: What I intend to do in these challenges are not ridiculous. They are activities that have been forgotten by many because their day job stresses them out too much and their nightlife makes them too impaired to focus. I hope to inspire others to spend time doing what they love and smile knowing that they’ve made others smile.

Q: How long did you have this idea?
A: I thought of it while I was in Montana last week and spent the 16-hour commute back to NY using MindJet to sift through my thoughts. The more I looked at it, the more I found it doable.  I have, of course, already started preparations for the tasks that seem ridiculous.

~See Lemons Sane