Day 2: Happy Turkey Day!

Random Observation/Comment #289: I am thankful for many things (especially this bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label that I’ve been saving for a special occasion).


I love cooking. I was influenced by my Mom’s awesome dishes and meals, but I didn’t really start cooking until I lived by myself traveling abroad.  I started with the regular pasta adding tons of cheese to make everything taste better, and then slowly progressed to learning making soups, sauces, and omelets.

I chose cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner as a challenge because food is the most instinctual way of showing love.  I will prepare for you, my friends and family, one of the necessities of life and it will hopefully also be edible.

Here’s what I made in summary:

  • 13 lbs turkey
  • Garlic mashed potatoes – my personal recipe
    • 10 lbs peeled half-way
    • Boil whole. Cut into small pieces. Mash. Add milk, butter, salt, and crushed garlic to flavor and consistency.  I’ve always eye-balled the amounts.
    • Make the secret gravy
  • Skirt steak – Justin’s suggested recipe
    • Marinate in red onions, pepperoncinis, crushed garlic, worcester sauce, and A1 overnight
    • Pan fried on skillet – add cognac and sangria
  • Garlic bread
    • Crush garlic,microwave with 1/2 stick of butter, spread on sliced bread and bake

Here are the pics (also posted on the FB page):

I am thankful for my family and friends. To our health and happiness.

~See Lemons Enjoy the Company and the Turkey