Day 3: My Web of Peeps

Random Observation/Comment #290: In my list life lessons, the underlying theme has always been to create a community and give back what we’ve learned.  To make a better place, we just need to spread happiness.

Great mind-map by Ian Gowdie on Art and Design

My friends have become family and my family have become friends. This summarizes everything. For my friends, It shows a bond of trust that has grown to include them into a “family” category.  And for my parents, I feel like I’ve matured and learned enough to be on the same equal-footing as my parents.  From the rebellious years of preventing my parents from finding out about my private life activities (in fear that they’d be disappointed in my choices or something), they’ve become less of those authoritative figures, and more of close friends and mentors I can confide in.  They are what keep me moving forward and staying productive.

I chose refining and creating my web of peeps as a challenge because I wanted to think about all the people that influenced my life. In a way, everyone on the list is a mentor of mine and I hope they know that I look up to them and learn from them every step of the way.  They have created my persona from their mannerisms and inspirational speeches.  I have adjusted the way I live based on the friendship formed, and I’m glad to have them in my life.

Please do not be offended if you did not make the list – the list is greatly reduced to the people that I have seen in the past year or keep in touch with on a weekly/bi-monthly basis.

Here is the mind-map file: Clemens Web of Peeps Mind Map

To view the mind-map, install xmind for free:

Alternatively, you can contact me on FB and I can share my current mind-map with you.

On a side note, I love using mind-mapping for my note-taking. I wrote this entire 30-day challenge list, web of peeps, bucket list, places I’ve traveled, and places I’ve eaten with mind-mapping.  I use the free android version MindJet: which has cloud storage and easy sharing.

For those who are too lazy, here is the PDF version: Clemens Web of Peeps PDF

~See Lemons with Friends