Day 6: Alex’s Photo book

Random Observation/Comment #293: Everybody says their child is the most beautiful child. I guess everyone is right.  They all have parents-goggles on for their own babies.

Alex is so cute….

I can’t believe a year has passed by so quickly. It felt like yesterday, I was at the hospital listening to the soon-to-be mother screaming her lungs out and the soon-to-be father fainted on the couch in the waiting room.  It gave me time to write my entry to my god son.

The Challenge:
Create a photo book for Alex and send to his parents and grandparents.  It’ll make for a thoughtful Christmas present.

The Reason:
Even if you want to protect your baby and guide him/her through all the times, there are people in your life before you were a father/mother that care about you. It may have been the right decision to travel to the middle of nowhere, but how would you feel if your child just picked up and disappeared?  This photo book is not just for my crazy project, but also to make the parents and grandparents smile. Time will pass quickly…

The Result:
I used to create the photo book. It took about 45 minutes to decide on the text and the photo formats. I love how easy it was, and I think I’ll be making a few more for my travel and food photos.

I have ordered prints for the parents and grand parents so I can send them a physical book of photos for Christmas. For all who are curious, here is the PDF version: AlexanderClemensHahnTurns1.pdf

The Conclusion:
There’s something about having a physical book that makes me smile when looking through pictures. I think I like the feeling of touching the film paper, smelling the freshly printed ink, and hearing that wobbly flick sound when you flick the edges. I will use blurb again for my travel photo book and put that one up for sale to see how it does :).

From the photo project side, I hope this book of photos bring smiles and precious thoughts about picking up the phone and calling more often.

~See Lemons as a God Father