Day 7: Anti-gravity flying fitness class

Random Observation/Comment #294: If you’re looking to stay healthy, yoga and swimming seem to be the best combination of activities. The yoga will help you stay flexible and the swimming is just an overall good therapeutic work-out. Also use the sauna/steam bath to keep your allergies in check.

So freakin’ cool

If this challenge sounds like a cop-out, it’s because it was meant to be a small one-day breather.  With a bit of hard work, my body right now feels extremely at peace.  I’ve never tried anti-gravity flying fitness and I remember reading an article about this somewhere in a dentist’s office as one of the must-try yoga classes. Seriously… they’re hanging upside down.

The Challenge:
Take an anti-gravity flying fitness class.

The Reason:
After the almost-fainting incident at Bikram Yoga last year, I have not been to another yoga class. I felt really self-conscious being terribly inflexible and always getting stuck behind another beginner fat dude.  Or on the other side of things, feeling inadequate seeing a high level yoga expert levitating in the corner.  I think it’s about time to try it again – especially if it involves hammocks and upside down stretches.

The Result:
I’m alive.  It was exhilarating and exactly what I needed to alleviate my back pain from sitting in front of my computer all day. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I think I will sign up for a few more classes before the end of my challenge. The stretches are unique and the instructor is extremely friendly and motivating to all levels of expertise. I love how Shelly walks around the room as she speaks so you hear her soothing voice surround you as you’re in the lavender cocoon.  To help her go viral, I decided to write a yelp review about the place:   I mean every word of it.

The Conclusion:
For $12, it was well worth the experience.  I would highly recommend attending the class and just taking the time out of the day to relax.  After the class, I had a short moment of nirvana you feel from a good exercise with the extra blood and oxygen rushing to my head.  It was an escape from reality that I will gladly revisit in the near future.

~See Lemons Hang upside down