Day 9: Must-try NYC Eats

Random Observation/Comment #296: Why do all the exotic creatures taste so good?  I want to catch ‘em all. I’d be a terrible pokemon master… because I’d eat all of them…

this cookie is fire

It’s no secret – I love food and I’ve eaten a long list of them from places around the world (as can be read in my Food Bucket List). I even took pictures of every meal I ate for almost 2 years.  I’ve posted these pictures on foodspotting (539 spottings) and continue to add to my profile with the new dishes I eat at restaurants.

The Challenge:
Relive those memorable foods through pictures and compile a list of Must-try meals.

The Reason:
My food and foodtography obsession has lead me to having some of the most extraordinary food adventures. I would travel to new places just to eat the local cuisine.  Other than making myself really hungry reliving some of these meals, I wanted to share my favorite list of foods with everyone.

The Result:
Here are a list of the must-try foods in NYC:

I whittled this list down from my personal taste of comfort food.  You should have eaten around 75% or even all of these foods, but for the ones you have not, I highly recommend going to give them a taste.  Everything is a subway ride away :).

I have purposefully left out the exotic foods because my Food bucket list basically described all of them pretty clearly.  I will upload the pictures of those exotic foods on the FB page as well.

The Conclusion:
After a lifetime of consuming all these flavors, I am still insatiable. I want to try more food combinations and create more unique tastes.  I didn’t mean to make readers hungry, but perhaps I have convinced some people to try a few new dishes.  I recommend using foodspotting as a tool to help explore and expand your palette.

~See Lemons Live to Eat