Day 11: The ‘Stache of Movember

Random Observation/Comment #298: I am unable to grow facial hair.  What you see in the picture below is 30 days of hard work.

For those who don’t know what Movember is… where have you been?  If you haven’t asked someone who doesn’t normally grow a mustache about their sudden urge to grown one during this month, then you’re either not very observant or you’re embarrassed to tell your friend he looks like a Chinese Mexican.

Movember is the month where mustaches are grown to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer.  The idea is that people will ask you why you’re growing your mustache, and then you can tell them to get their prostate checked… Something like that.  It’s a conversation starter.  There’s a full website on it with a place to donate:

The Challenge:
Create a fun gif of me shaving my mustache with different items from around my room.

The Reason:
I thought of this yesterday morning and thought it would be a fun idea since I’ve never created a stop-action video before and I needed to shave the mustache anyway.

The Result:
I set up a tripod and put tape on the floor to know where to keep standing. My friend handled the camera, but I think a remote for the shutter would work too.  I picked the 4 items because they were literally just around my room, but they all have significant meaning.  The picture of James is from the cover of the book on Next Generation Ink.  I am so proud he made some money from modeling and can say he’s on a book.  The perfect simplicity postcard is what I sent to all those who have asked for postcards.  The picture of my parents and Viv was sent from Viv as a postcard.  And finally, “Your Best Just got Better” by Jason Womack inspired me to be productive and keeps me striving to complete this 30 day challenge.

After taking the pictures, I just tossed it into this website:  I basically found it through a series of Google searches and decided on it purely because I liked the interface the best.  I was happy when judging a book by it’s cover in this case.

Here is the gif:

Here are some of the pictures:

The Conclusion:
The only bad part about not shaving my mustache was my pure inability to grow one.  It made me look like a child molester, which isn’t my most flattering look. Sticking through to the end of the month without shaving may have cracked a few mirrors and scared a few animals away due to the Fear of the ‘Stache (true story), but also positively made me feel less conscious about physical appearance in general.

I salute those who may choose a unique representation of their personality than what may constitute as classical beauty.  Cheers to individuality and comfort in your own skin.

~See Lemons ‘Stache-less