Day 12: Fashion forward

Random Observation/Comment #299: The Masters of the Universe apartment has a clash/complement of personalities and styles, but one thing is certain: We look damn good.

karate kick to show the steel taps

Chris has been talking about doing this blog post for a long time – like at least a million. He’s obviously into fashion and wants to share his personal insight.  I, being a photographer, am more than happy to help.

The Challenge:
Write a blog post about Chris Gallagher fashion styles and essentials.

The Reason:
The best living situation is one where the roommates don’t just tolerate each others’ pet peeves, but additionally stay tightly knit best friends. We pool our skills and make things fun and interesting.  I wanted to contribute to the apartment by giving them all new facebook profile pictures..

The Result:
I set up a tripod in Chris’ room and accidentally noticed this awesome angle with the mirror showing his back.  It came out great with the lighting, so we just stuck to keeping that spot for the whole shoot.  It took about 40 minutes or so to get all the shots and then another 20 minutes of editing.  Overall, a very productive day (Plus we got a Christmas tree).

So then when people ask what you’re wearing, you can say you’re wearing the night out.

The Night Out
This isn’t to discuss the Who behind the clothes, but rather the matching of colors and sleek use of a vest. It’s a mustardy browny tan vibe with a lot of consistency and energy – perfect for the autumn season.

The Casual Sunday
It’s not very often we wear regular jeans, but the blue tint of the sweater matches so well that you’ll be able to bring this out for a winter morning.  To me, it gives this look of a casual stylist.

The Business Cut
Slim fit suits are a must, and it doesn’t hurt to have some custom made shirts too. It’s possible to stay fashionable and bring it to the office professional level. Notice the pen on the inside pocket, pocket square on the breast pocket of the suit, wide spread collar, the skinny knit tie, and skinny tie clip. The little things bring the whole outfit together (and the wide spread collar is just a polite fuck-you).

The Grensons
Even in a professional environment, these shoes are beautiful and can easily match with the suit with the right color belt and shaded socks.  The bottoms are steel taps so that they know you’re coming.

Pocket Essentials
From top left to right: Vintage shoe horn; Muji reusable lint wand, Meji-jingu Charm for travel protection, papier d’ar armenie air freshener, wallet with change purse, Dyptique tam dao sample size cologne, hand-made Japanese pen knife, walnut pen, standard tooth comb, Paul Smith card holder, blistex lip medex, and Klipsch S4i II ear buds.

Here are the full photos from the photoshoot:

The Conclusion:
I’m not gonna front – Chris dresses pretty well. It’s a style inspired by classy British tendencies and I think it had caught on around the world.  I’m extremely happy I got the chance to share with his friends his passion.  At the end of the day, it feels good doing something nice for others.

~See Lemons Dress Well