Day 15: Shaving my Head

Random Observation/Comment #302: We care too much about how we’re judged by others. I think we should all show our natural beauty mixed with our own personalities. That’s uniqueness. That’s attractiveness beyond the classical sense of what’s seen in movies and sculptures. That has character.

Angus the kung fu master

There will always be a cause above and beyond your own circle of friends, but it doesn’t enter your field of vision until it hits home.  In January of 2011, my brother, in an almost fuck-you outstretched palm, beat his life-altering fist fight with a testicular tumor.  He wrote an article about it on his wordpress:

The Challenge:
Raise money for a good cause (St Baldrick’s Foundation).

The Reason:
The St. Baldrick’s Foundation raises money for cancer research.  My brother had donated almost 2 years ago and has not cut his hair since (he looks like a kung fu master/gangsta). He is growing his hair so he can donate it to Locks of Love when it reaches the required length. Although I think his FreddieW look is pretty cool right now, I admire him for contributing to a righteous cause.  In his salute (and to show my appreciation), I shall also shave my head and raise money for the same cause.

The Result:
I thought of this idea around Day 4 of my challenge, and since then I have raised $760 on the St Baldrick’s donation page from friends, family, and colleagues:

I have exceeded my $500 goal and I thank all those who have donated from the bottom of my heart. Additional donations would obviously further the cause, but I am glad to have friends and coworkers who care about others.  Please donate if you can.  I will personally have a drink with you as a baldie if you do.

The Conclusion:
There will, of course, be a post-shave photo.  This challenge is only the beginning as I realize there are so many things in this world that we can contribute to if we spend a bit of our own time looking for it. After speaking with my friend Gary at the Flying Puck tonight, I feel invigorated to continue this path.

It doesn’t take that much effort to spread an idea.  I wish more than anything that this idea is one that inspires change.

~See Lemons Stroke his Hair