Day 18: The Mohawk

Random Observation/Comment #305: Now that I have a shaved head, I need to dress up as hitman to work at least once. Time to get some black leather gloves.

The best part about these challenges are the little things I decide to do on a whim.  It was Thursday at 4:30PM and my manager wanted to take a picture of me before I got my head shaved.  He then brought up my old idea of getting a mohawk and how cool it would be to do it.  5 minutes later, I was in my manager’s manager’s office asking him if I could get a mohawk and have it on Friday.  He didn’t say “No”, but rather “I’m going to be out of office, so make sure you take pictures.”
The Challenge:
Make a gif of getting a mohawk (similar to my gif of shaving my mustache).

The Reason:
“Why not?” would be the best reason I could find for this. It’s just hair and I might as well have fun with it before I shave it all off.  I needed to spend some quality time with it and the St Baldrick’s event just gave me a great reason to do something crazy and creative.

The Result:
Gary and Dianna, my Flying Puck drinking buddies and awesome friends, had volunteered to help me with this project of mine. Gary, being the awesome hair stylist and overall person that he is, did the hair buzzing while Dianna took the photos. Once again, I used gifninja to create my gif:

After getting the mohawk, I had a full Friday at work to speak with traders and sales like I usually do. I got the many questions and odd stares that were expected, but there were many that shook my hand for being brave enough to hold conversations with the business without even addressing it.

That Friday night, I had also gone to Brooklyn Contra for contra dancing, so the outfit just all came together.  As I was spinning, I’m sure my partner was staring at my hair.

Here are some additional photos of the mohawk:

The Conclusion:
This may be an odd comparison, but I felt like I had large breasts in a tight corset without a bra.  Except, instead of asking people to bring their gaze from my chest upwards to my eyes, I had to bring their gaze from my hair downwards.  I’m sure people would ask me to cover up and put on a hat on as to not offend anyone.  If they did, it’d be bullshit because it’s my hair and I should be able to represent myself above and beyond social norms.  It’s not like I was running around asking people to touch it.

~See Lemons Mohawk