Day 19: The Bald Look

Random Observation/Comment #306: There are so many great activities in the city. I want to do so much more… Living life in every word to the extent that it’s absurd.

The Challenge:
Raise money for St Baldricks Foundation and be a shavee.

The Reason:
It’s just hair and it’s coming off for a good cause.

The Result:
Last night, I shaved my head at the St Baldrick’s Benefit hosted by PIKE (NYU Fraternity).  Two barbers from Astor Place Hair Stylists volunteered their time for the night to shave at least 30 people.  There was laughter and pictures all throughout the night.  The event raised over $17k for the St Baldrick’s Foundation online before the event started and probably a few thousand more during the event.

Representing Credit Suisse, I personally raised $700 from friends, family, and coworkers.  Thank you so much for those who donated. More importantly, the children thank you.

For your entertainment, here are some photos throughout the night:

The Conclusion:
I consider this event a success and I praise PIKE for their support in this cause and many others.  I hope they will continue this tradition for next year because I will surely be there.  After my brother did this two years ago, he has been growing out his hair so he can donate it to Locks of Love.  He looks like FreddieW now (which is an awesome benefit), but I am considering doing this myself.

Ever since I’ve told people about this event, I’ve had a few other suggestions for charities.  On Feb 12th, I will be doing the Polar Bear Plunge. For those who have more suggestions, I’m more than happy to support, donate, and participate.

~See Lemons Bald