Day 21: Brandy Library

Random Observation/Comment #308: I love scotch. Scotch scotch scotch. Yes, I do.

see lemons drink

When I was growing up, my father and brother taught me how to drink.  They taught me the sophistication of tastes and the appreciation of fine beers, wines, and whiskeys.  In college, I remember only loving Guinness, Bass, and Guinness+Bass.  It was expensive and I usually only had 2 drinks maximum due to the amount of time I spent enjoying the essence of deliciousness (and my lack of money to buy more than 2 per night).

It’s no surprise that this enjoyment of tastes and analysis of flavor dynamics has lead me to a variety of foods and beverages around the world.  I’ve had the pleasure of expanding my palate to hundreds of different tastes. Every flavor left a tingle on my tongue.

The Challenge:
Try a whiskey flight tasting at Brandy Library.

The Reason:
It’s another “Why Not?” moment. Similar to the huge omakase I’m looking forward to next week, I have done this to enjoy whiskey and live life to the fullest.

The Result:
I went to Brandy Library after table tennis tonight and got the full tour of an amazing flight of the highland trail whiskeys.  This was given to me in 6 classy glasses neat.  I had the anCnoc 12 (Knockdhu), Balblair 2000, Old Pulteney 12 years, Tomintoul 16 years, Glenfarclas 17 years, and a mystery whiskey.  It was a journey that I must admit made my taste buds go crazy and water with pleasure.  I am a satisfied man.

As with the other places I’ve been that provide unique experiences, here is my yelp review:

Here are some photos:

The Conclusion:
As I wrote in my review, the main thing that stood in the forefront of my mind was not the joy of my taste buds, the classy and relaxed environment, or even the great friends I had next to me, but instead, I kept thinking how much my Dad would love this moment with me.  I imagined him there smacking his lips together and giving a loud sigh of satisfaction from the warm feeling of privilege fill his heart with joy.

I could not be more happy with this 30 day challenge. I actually feel bad that I label this as a challenge because it’s more of a luxury and a complete joy.  As expected, I am still in love with whiskey. This was a bit of a silly challenge as I already knew I loved whiskey from the beginning.  In fact, the only thing that I think this entry has done is made all my whiskey-loving friends jealous.  Sorry, Angus.

~See Lemons Drink Whiskey