Day 29: Travel Adventures

Random Observation/Comment #316: I caught the travel bug in 2008 and I still got it. It’s like the photography, writing, table tennis, eating, and alcoholic bugs – they’ve become good friends.

interlaken favorite jump

There’s something about traveling that makes me smile.  Maybe it’s the free spirit letting loose of all the stress, or maybe it’s the photographer in me that sees every picture-worthy angle. Or even maybe it’s the new culture and language that fascinates me with every turn of the corner.  Whatever the reason, I am in love with that feeling and it will always be in my veins.

The Challenge:
Create a photo album of the favorite cities I’ve traveled to around the world.

The Reason:
I honestly just wanted an excuse to go through all of my favorite photos from traveling again.  I like reliving those days with no fears of losing what I had and having nothing to lose.  I wonder if I were more stressed back then because I kept wondering what I’d do with my life.  I guess I still do that now.

The Result:
Here are my favorite photos from around the world.  I tried to keep it to one or two photos of every major city that I’ve been to.  It’s very difficult finding the best pictures vs my favorite ones because some of them are incredibly purely by the memory engrained with them.  It took about 6 hours to go through only the photos that I posted onto facebook. Completely worth my time.

The Conclusion:
I’ve taken a lot of pictures in the past 4 years.  In fact, just by the ones I posted on facebook, it took me 4 hours to look through them and pick out the nice ones.  I wonder what people will do with their photos now that everything is digitally and uploaded to the cloud. Will people ever actually see all these photos again? There must be a niche in there somewhere.

I know what you’re going to ask: Where is your favorite place?  To be honest, it depends on who I’m with.  If I can be with my favorite peoples and show them a single sight that has caught my heart, it would be Interlaken, Switzerland.  The nature is breathtaking and I think everyone I know would appreciate the scenery and freedom of being in the wilderness.  That winter wonderland truly changed my life.

If I want something more cultural and uniquely interesting, I would choose Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto was one of my favorite cities just because of the mix of nature and old architecture.  The shrines and temples are all incredible.

~See Lemons Travel