Sleeping Productively

Random Observation/Comment #319: “Learn to love your career or change your career. You can’t maximize your productivity if you don’t enjoy your work.” ~Laura Stack in What to do When There’s Too Much to Do

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Sleeping takes up most of my life, so I like to think of ways to make these experiences more involved and enjoyable.  Here are some tips that I almost never follow, but my parents have always told me to do:

  • Sleep early and rise early. I’m usually the vampire that likes to play and be productive at night, but I think it makes sense to maximize sleep and give your body a well-deserved rest.
    • If you’re trying to be productive at night, you’re probably way too tired to produce anything of high quality.
    • If you’re trying to have fun, you’re probably just introducing some type of toxin into your bloodstream in order to make your brain somewhat happy/delusional at the expense of depriving your body of rest.
    • If you’re an insomniac, you need to calm down and stop thinking about all the things wrong with this world
  • Learn to sleep.  I think I’ve done very well in this field because I can sleep anywhere. There was even a time I fell asleep standing up on the train.  This is not because I was tired from not sleeping enough the day before, but rather, I started a heavy breathing exercise while listening to music and just conked out.  Tips:
    • Take the long, deep breaths and slow down your breathing. The increased amount of oxygen will make you tired and sometimes get you slightly high
    • Where possible, control the temperature in your room.  I know that I sleep best when it’s 65 degrees with a heavy blanket that I can snuggle with and wrap myself up like a mummy.
    • Remember your sleeping posture.  I have only fallen asleep two ways. One is on my right side with my arm forming a slight pillow and my leg making a small figure 4. The other is on my back with my neck tilted slightly up with my arms to my side like a vampire.
    • Clear your mind of distractions.  If you have that song stuck in your head…. Good luck. I hate it when that happens and I can’t seem to get it out of my head no matter what I do.
    • Start your dream.  Imagine yourself in that place and get ready to start that adventure for yourself.  I usually start off in the middle of the dream with no idea how I got there, so I can essentially think of anything about a physical location and I’ll be able to influence where my dream takes place.  I like to think about landmarks throughout my day or places I’ve seen while traveling.  Thinking about pictures I’ve taken in these places also seems to work well.
  • Take a power nap. Sleeping 10 minutes a day around 2PM usually keeps me snappy for the next 2 hours. I think it’s better than drinking a coffee and getting that caffeine jolt.

Overall, the more sleep you get (around 7 hours per day), the better you’ll feel and look in the real world, and the more time you get to spend in your dream world; I think it’s a plus on both sides.  Once you learn to lucid dream / astral project, you’ll want to do this even more frequently.

~See Lemons Still Sleepy