Day 0: Epic 30 Day Challenge 2 ideas

Random Observation/Comment #320: This vacation has been excellent. Work is slow and I feel the well-deserved break from being super productive last month.  Hard work, dedication, and enjoyment all comes in waves.  My vacation time now feels justified and my work ethic will spike again for the next journey.

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Q: Why are you still doing this?
A: There are still too many things in this world left unexplored. I have skills to hone, tasks to revisit, and people to meet just to keep the to-do list in continuous flow.  I’m paying attention to more of the world around me and encouraging myself to do something new and interesting every day.  It’s getting me out of the rut of monotony and made me look forward to conquering the next challenge.  Smarter every day.

Q: What are some ideas for the new tasks?
A: Things have overflown from the last 30 day, and I’ve added many more.  The biggest caveat of this challenge is that I expect to do each of the tasks with the help of my web of peeps.

  • Fun:
    • Pen and paper RPG
    • Do a day of folding Origami with friends
    • Give out the “you’re awesome. keep that shit up.” cards
    • Organize Food tour with “Foods of NYC” – all are welcome
    • Singing lessons with youtube videos of singing
    • Article on Dating in NYC – crowd-sourced from friends
    • Draw a piece of artwork to hang up – something with contributions from everyone
    • Perfect Simplicity Tattoo
  • Community
    • Facebook profile pictures for friends
    • Another charity fund?
    • Volunteer at non-profit with friends
    • Teach class of some sort (photography?)
    • Polar Bear dive with Gary and Dianna
    • Hold own #DrinkingChats to share ideas
  • Hobbies
    • Sell a photo on stock photography
    • Photography of South Africa
    • Language obsessions with DuoLingo
    • Physical challenge 512
    • Publish bedtime moo story
    • Publish digiweave suggestions
  • Tech
    • Attend TED/SXSW/Tech conference of sorts?
    • Kick starter idea
    • eLance idea

Suggestions are welcome for new tasks. Due to my trips coming up in January (South Africa) and February (Destination Still Unknown), I think I’m going to give myself some more flexibility with the deadlines.  I felt like a bit of a hermit during the last 30 day challenge. It was obsessive and it needs some more spontaneity.  Because of this, I’ve decided to adopt the Web Comic’s way of posting and do a Monday, Wednesday, Friday post.  Maybe I’ll even write a web comic.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish this time?
A: These ideas still contribute towards my life desires. The more I work towards the goals, the closer I am to living a life free of “things to do” and full of “things I love”.  I hoped that people would follow me in some way and do some fun stuff with me, but I’ve realized that most people don’t have the same motivation as i do. They rather stay at home streaming netflix, hulu, HBO Plus, and other videos.  By having my challenges include others, hopefully people will be more productive and see more than what mass media throws in their faces.  We are more than just consumers.

~See Lemons Excited to Start again