[Challenge] The Meaning of Life

Random Observation/Comment #321: Happy 2013! To another year of growing, learning, loving, and overall awesome.

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The Challenge
Give a cliff-notes version for the meaning of life.

The Reason
At one point (or many points) in someone’s life, they will ask: “Why am I here?”  Maybe not physically in a location, but just mere existence. What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything? 42? More important than the objective meaning is the answer to your own question: “What matters to me?”  I have already shared my mantra on perfect simplicity from my 30 day challenge posts.

The Meaning Of Life
Infinity is big.  It blows my mind when I look up at the stars thinking about how insignificant my life is from the universe’s perspective.  We’re a speck in size and a blip in time. If the universe was a living organism and humans were cells making up this system, the universe would care as much as you care when your skin cells die washing your hands.  Like cells, we may be studied and researched, but it’s not like the universe cares about these details – there are plenty of other cells and other bodily things to worry about for, not even the survival, but the existence of the universe.  So why does anything we do matter?

It matters to me because time is precious and we are all miracles of randomness.  The present is a miracle because there were so many other complex chain reaction possibilities that could have lead to infinite number of different outcomes.  We have free will and opportunities to exercise it in our everyday life.  If we were spirits or souls floating around immortally, time or space wouldn’t even be measurable.  However, we are here and we have senses and these range of emotions that make us feel alive – so use it.  The meaning of life is just that: be alive.  There doesn’t need to be a greater purpose and we don’t need to fit into a larger plan.  What’s more important than the meaning behind life is how you choose to live it.  “Life does flash before your eyes before you die.  It’s called living.”

In terms of living a successful life, I’ve learned that (as social creatures) community is key.  I’m not religious, but I think religion does an excellent job with growing, sharing, and loving a community.  They gather based on a unified purpose and then help each other as a family.  As we are so insignificant to the universe, at least we can mean something to each other.  It makes life less lonely when you’re together. It’s always better when we’re together.

The Conclusion
It’s good to see it in words. The meaning of life is different for everyone and I think it should be open to interpretation depending on your set of responsibilities and the things you deem non-negotiable.  I suggest this exercise for everyone because it can guide your goals and aspirations moving forward.  It’ll make those things that upset you matter less and those little things that make you smile matter more.

~See Lemons Live