Pet Peeves and Relaxing thoughts

Random Observation/Comment #346: If I had a cat, I’d name it “Peeve.” Then I can say, “Hey, guys. This is my pet Peeve.”

see lemons pet peeve

In general, I am usually very happy and overly optimistic about life. I like to follow Barney’s motto: “Do you know what I do when I’m sad? I stop being sad and be awesome instead.”  Positive thinking has surprising positive results on many aspects of life.  There are, however, a few things that can easily piss me off.  Here’s a short list:

  • Wet socks
  • The sound of a mosquito flying next to my ear at 3AM
  • The piece of hair that sticks up at the back of my head and does not stay flat no matter how much gel or water I use
  • When people cut in front of me while hailing a taxi
  • When I’m waiting on someone and they say they’re nearby, but they are realistically very far away
  • When people are forgetful of things that should not be forgotten (e.g. forgot a passport when half way to the airport)
  • When the turnstile for the subway doesn’t read my metrocard and I run into it full speed
  • The TSA in general
  • When an old lady cuts in front of me at the post office, but I’m too nice to say anything
  • When my phone runs out of battery right before I really need to take a crap

I think it’s healthy to get those short bursts of rage. I rather feel the anger seethe through me than let it pent up and burst sometime later in my life.  Here’s a short list of things I think about to counter the murderous thoughts:

  • Cute puppies running towards me and licking my face
  • The sound of a crackling fire, some light thunderstorms, and smooth jazz –
  • The feeling of hitting a perfect forehand or backhand table tennis shot
  • The feeling of taking off your ski boots after a full day of skiing
  • The smell of thanksgiving dinner being prepared at noon
  • The sound of stepping into freshly fallen snow
  • The feeling of hugging a friend when they need it most
  • The feeling of your godson holding your thumb and smiling because life is so happy when it’s simple
  • The feeling of being heard
  • The taste of my mom’s home cooked meals
  • The sound of silence

If you ever do feel angry, sad, or unhappy in anyway, transport yourself into your own happy place. Write a list of things that will always calm you down and think about them. Mmm… mashed potatoes.

~See Lemons UnPeeved