Halloween Costume Ideas

Random Observation/Comment #358: Zombiecon is ironically the one day I feel alive.

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For the past 6 years, I’ve gone to zombiecon (http://www.zombiecon.com/) and dressed up as many undead things. It’s always been sloppy and I just love scaring tourists in Time Square.  Through the years, I’ve seen many great ideas. Here are the ones that I’m on the fence of picking for this year:

  • Be ironic. Like FEic. I miss breaking bad.
  • God’s gift to women. “To: women. You’re welcome. From: God”
  • Bizarro superman. Zombify the superman PJs and pair up with my sidekick.
  • Movie theater floor. Red carpet with random snacks glued on.
  • Recently laid off. Regular suit with tie around your head, untucked dress shirt with buttons off one, and a flask.
  • Trevor from GTA V. White t-shirt, unshaven, sweatpants, and blood stains.
  • Walter White with mustache or bald with beard, flannel shirt and tighty whiteys.
  • Zombie chef with frying pan making brains
  • Zombie in scrubs doing brain surgery
  • Batdad. For some reason, I imagine him in a bathrobe. It’s really just a creepy guy wearing a cheap batman mask speaking with a raspy voice all night giving good advice.
  • Person getting caught in the wind. Gel long hair out and fix tie or clothes off to one side. Turn a cheap umbrella inside out as a prop. Squint in all pictures.
  • Guy that starts the Harlem shake. Wear a helmet that also plays the beginning of the song on repeat. Proceed to hump things.
  • Hot undead Fisher woman called the “Deadliest Catch”

If that doesn’t work, just be yourself. For some people, they wear a costume all other times of the year. Have a safe and wonderful Halloween!

~See Lemons Boo