[30 Day Challenge] Something Fermented

Random Observation/Comment #363: I used to hate pickles, but the taste has grown on me. I guess my taste buds have adjusted to tart and sour tastes. It’s probably from all the beer I drink.

see lemons pickle

Recipe: Something fermented – make own pickles


These are refrigerated pickles, so I just used a pickle jar I already finished and filled it with my own brine and extra tastes. It was extremely experimental and I didn’t really follow any measurement tool. I’m just going to leave it in there and hope for the best.



Lessons Learned:


  • These cute little cucumbers from Trader Joe’s was such a great catch. I snatched them up the minute I saw them and I knew it would be a match made in heaven.
  • You could also use a Chinese soup take-out quart to ferment the pickles instead of the glass jar – I don’t know what the effects of plastic are to the fermenting process or taste.

Final Thoughts:


This is a rare case where I’m preparing this meal for a much later time, so I will need to come back and revisit this post because I have no idea how this turned out. To be honest, I don’t think I did a good job with this one because I wound up using Apple Cider Vinegar instead of the regular kind. I’m sure the extra sweet taste from the apple will do something to the whole recipe.

~See Lemons Eat Pickles