[30 Day Challenge] Something picnic-y

Random Observation/Comment #364: True story: I was inspired to make potato salad this past early summer because someone made one that blew my mind. I’m still looking for it.

see lemons potato salad

Recipe: Something picnic-y – make a potato salad


Potato salad is not that difficult to make. All I really did was cut ingredients, boil potatoes, throw them all into a big bowl, and mix with mayo. It also doesn’t require that much specific timing to make before serving. For example, if you made a steak, you’d want to cook it 10 minutes before someone arrives so it’s still hot and juicy. With potato salad, you can just make a whole bunch in advance.

Lessons Learned:

  •  I used wasabi mayo instead of regular mayo because I wanted to be cool. This is initially a very bad idea because it stings your eyes worse than the onion you’re trying to cut into thin slivers. In order to cut the nostril cleansing taste, I put a bit of lemon juice and salt in there to adjust the flavor.
  • I cut the potato slices slightly smaller than usual to cook faster, but I think I like bigger 1/8th chunks from the red potatoes.
  • Because I needed to eat the last pickle before using the pickle jar, I forgot to add any pickles to the potato salad. I’ve made this recipe a few times in the past, and it does make a big difference without the pickle tartness.

Final Thoughts:


Potato salad is a wonderful invention. It takes a few more ingredients than some meals and it’s mostly prep time, so it’s great to practice some knife skills. I think this is a nice spring and summer recipe to learn and there’s a lot of leeway to putting together the proportions. I also have a tendency to make way too much food.

~See Lemons Eat Potato Salad