[30 Day Challenge] Something Comfort Foody

Random Observation/Comment #369: Mac and Cheese is a staple of all childhood diets. I only got to eat it when I was a “good kid.” This is what prompted my childhood obesity and hard work ethic.


Recipe: Something comfort foody – mac and cheese


Once again, I decided to stray from this recipe. I followed the general idea of having pasta, cheese, and some crunchy stuff all baked together, but that’s about it. I used the bow tie pasta because that’s what I had around (and I also like calling them bow ties). Instead of breading, I used a bag of jalapeno potato chips. For cheeses, I used mozzarella and some cottage cheese. I thought the cottage cheese was ricotta, so… don’t make that same mistake.

Lessons Learned:

  • Crushed jalapeno potato chips are a great substitute for breading
  • Cottage cheese is not exactly the best replacement for ricotta or Parmesan, but still tasty when it all comes together
  • I’m a big fan of using disposable aluminum baking pans just to prevent any cleaning. Be sure to use one that isn’t too deep so you get more surface area for crispy cheese/chips.
  • I feel like I didn’t add enough cheese to this whole thing. I don’t think you can ever have enough cheese.

Final Thoughts:


Don’t be afraid to experiment with mac and cheese! It’s such a simple concept and you really can’t mess it up. I don’t even know why I’m adding these recipes if I don’t follow them and replace all the ingredients. Just so you know, I do consider following it, but my free spirit as a cook just takes over.  To be honest, I think your free cooking spirit should too.

~See Lemons Eat Mac and Cheese