[30 Day Challenge] Something with Meatballs

Random Observation/Comment #370: I love going to Meatball Shop for mashed potatoes. I guess their meatballs are good too.


Recipe: Something with meatballs – meatball sub


I actually followed the recipe for most of this. The breading to meat ratio is definitely the big secret to having fluffy meatballs. I also made sure that the cooking time was right so it stayed moist and tender.  Earlier this year, I ran out of space on a flat pan to cook the meatballs, so I just threw them into a cupcake pan. This turned out awesome, so I decided to do it again. As for the little quirk, I added mozzarella cheese into the mixture so it looked like the meat had marbling to it.

Lessons Learned:

  • Definitely use the cupcake pan if you have it because I feel like it works out really well. I’d still stay conscious of the meatball size because I had wound up making them bigger so it would all fit within one batch and into the cupcake holes.
  • Always following the breading to lean beef mixture recipe. It’s part of the secret.
  • The shredded mozzarella within the meatballs probably kept the whole thing moist. I didn’t even need to add any sauce to it and it still tasted great.

Final Thoughts:

DSC_0861 I think I should have stuck with the original plan to make this into a meatball sub. The meat was crispy on the outside and surprisingly tender and juicy due to the extra cheese.  Next time, I want to try making slightly smaller meatballs from a pan. The pan could brown the outside more evenly in the beginning and I could just cover it and add the sauce to cook the rest of it. In conclusion, if you haven’t made meatballs yet, don’t be afraid to do it. Happy times to come!

~See Lemons Eat Meatball Subs