[30 Day Challenge] Something to use with extra guac

Random Observation/Comment #373: Tex mex nights are great for parties. I wonder if it’s weird for Latinos if we were to have a sandwich making party.


Recipe: Something to use with extra guac – burritos


Once again, I just used whatever I had in the refrigerator and nearby grocery store to put together my own ghetto burrito. I even bought refried beans because for some reason I thought they were once delicious.  Since they didn’t have tortillas, I bought these roll-up flat things that I thought looked Mexican (sorry for food stereotyping). Anyway, what comes out of a creative and crazy bachelor-type mind is a pleasant surprise.

Lessons Learned:

  • Extra cheese never hurt for the burrito or any Italian dish
  • Cook for many people because burritos are more fun when you’re making them with friends
  • I remember liking refried beans a lot more when I was younger… I don’t think it goes that well in a burrito anymore. Maybe it was all that chipotle I’ve been eating.
  • Definitely get the tortillas instead of this roll-bread-type-thing. It’s definitely better when your food is wrapped instead of rolled.
  • Toast your tortilla! Just place it on a hot dry skillet for 30 seconds before adding anything. It really adds that extra bit.
  • Remember to also buy hard taco shells so you can make tacos (which are like chips + burritos)

Final Thoughts:


Classic. I really enjoyed this burrito that I turned into a roll. On the second night, I actually added rice to the whole thing so it was more of a proper burrito. May the tex mex nights continue. I think this is definitely a great meal to make with a bunch of friends. I like interactive meals.

~See Lemons Eat Burritos

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