[30 Day Challenge] Something Boozy

Random Observation/Comment #377: Fruit in alcohol is dangerous, yet so delicious and fun.

DSC_0234 (2)

Recipe: Something boozy – Sangria


I did not follow the recipe I intended to because my friend’s Mom made this awesome Sangria for a party and I wanted to try her recipe. She probably makes her own adjustments to the recipe because mine doesn’t taste as good. I  also strayed from it because I didn’t want to buy raspberries or lemonade/orange juice. Instead, I substituted a cheap looking peach drink. I think it worked out.

Lessons Learned:

  • I picked a cab sauv, but I think it would have went just as well with a pinot grigio
  • Definitely let the mixture sit for at least an hour – overnight if possible. The fruit pieces need time to soak up that alcohol and taste extra awesome
  • Add the wine last. I added it first and I felt like it was splashing a lot
  • Cut all the citrus fruit into wedges. that means slice horizontally and then quarter them. This will make the fruit much easier to eat.

Final Thoughts:


I love this sangria recipe. It’s easy to make and has a lot of nice acidic flavors that work really well together. I think I need to learn how to cut wedges better because the pieces were too large to consume and I had already squeezed them all too hard so they look deformed. I really like the addition of gin and ginger ale – it’s pretty genius. Sangria for all!

~See Lemons Drink Sangria