[30 Day Challenge] Something Amazing

Random Observation/Comment #379: I love mashed potatoes. It’s become a bit of an obsession that I’ve controlled over the years. When it’s Thanksgiving, I eat it like a maniac and mix it with everything possible. That’s my exception day.


Recipe: Something amazing – Garlic mashed potatoes


I made a fairly simple mashed potatoes, but as mentioned in the last post with oxtail soup, I used the soup broth as the boiling water for the potatoes. The flavor from the oxtail and carrots definitely had some effect. I used a ricer (bought from Ikea) to make sure the consistency was creamy, and I also left the skin on for some of the potatoes so it would have some hard consistency. Of course, some heavy cream, butter, and love was added to the mix.



Lessons Learned:

  •  The ricer is absolutely key if you don’t have a beater. I think the creamy texture is best achieved by not over-boiling the potatoes (or else there’s too much water leftover), but rather squeezed from the ricer.
  • Don’t skin the potatoes all the way. The extra skin makes the mashed potatoes look more authentic and I think it adds to the taste.
  • Salt to taste from the pot while boiling the potatoes, and add the butter and milk mixture to consistency. I don’t measure these, but rather add small amounts and keep mixing until I get the right taste and texture
  • I miss my Goo Jerng’s famous gravy. I still don’t know the full recipe, so I guess it will be lost forever. I’m not even going to try to replicate it.

Final Thoughts:


Notice the difference in bowl size. I will distribute generously to my friends, but I’m totally going to lick the bowl. Other recipes are much appreciated! Please message me if you have your own and I will try it. I tend to have my mashed potatoes like some people have their ketchup. I like mashed potatoes on my mashed potatoes mixed with everything possible.

~See Lemons Eat Garlic Mashed Potatoes