Zen: My Inner Peace

Random Observation/Comment #397: “You know what I do when I get mad/sad/unhappy? I stop being mad/sad/unhappy, and be awesome instead.” ~Barney Stinson

see lemons be the riverbed

I haven’t written a poem in a very long time, but someone asked me why I’m never mad or really lost control of my emotions, and I felt the best way to answer was through an analogy and a poem.

Why don’t I get mad? 

I am the riverbed, not the stone

The water flows over me and washes me constantly

I may erode, but it is only the surface

My body stays intact for its purpose

My foundation is rock

Each stone is an experience

There is water bringing life

… and causing death

It will always be

Don’t rush it or resist it

The river flows onward, but I stay consistent

Could your ripples change the current?

Or will those stones only splash and disrupt the flow

~See Lemons as a Riverbed