[Lessons Learned] Picking my Goals

Random Observation/Comment #399: Setting goals are as important as completing them. Too bad they never taught a class on taking initiative and dreaming big.

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My motivation and energy comes from the challenges I set for myself. If life is a game, I want to get the highest points and see the coolest parts of it.  If life is a competition, I’d want to win the championship with my team. If life is a blog, I’d want it to talk about travel, photography, and 30 day challenges.

How do I set my goals? Here are three simple steps:

First: Write down as many ridiculous things as possible (and sometimes use Google Schemer for inspiration), and categorize them into your underlying desires. Make sure your goals are measurable in some way.

Next: Narrow down my focuses by asking myself these questions:

  • Would you do this if you had 3 months to live?
  • Are you afraid? Good – do it.
  • Does this goal represent you as a person (e.g. your values)?
  • Is this something new, different, and exciting?
  • Does this simplify your life?
  • Will you be happy if you complete this?
  • Does this goal fit your overall timeline (i.e. will it take up all your time and not provide a sufficient reward)?

Last: Execute your goals

  • Set realistic deadlines and stick to them!
  • Be productive by reducing distractions and finding your best working mode
  • Connect with like-minded people and ask for help – humans achieve based on different minds providing different perspectives
  • Have fun while doing it! Make it into a game and keep it interesting

The underlying theme to completing your goals is keeping your life balanced and happy.  Yes, sometimes you need to work 80-hour weeks with that start-up project to have it succeed, but you should also relax and reflect. Don’t let your life be a series of to-do tasks and deadlines, and don’t have these goals take over what really matters to you. Have fun and be happy.

~See Lemons Goal Driven