365 Day Challenge

Random Observation/Comment #400: I’m always surprised at how a positive attitude can change everything. Also, Yay on 400 posts!

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Just as with all New Year’s Resolutions, this one is going to be a sweeping declaration. Hopefully, this time, I will not fill half of the days as “exception days” as I usually do with my 30 day health/diet challenges.  Most of the things I’ve listed here I already do regularly, but it’s nice to put together something to keep track of it.

Here are the things I want to instill into my daily routine to improve my health, happiness, and overall gratitude towards life.

  • Exercise
    • 365 hours of table tennis in a year – This should be easy 🙂
    • Daily stretching – 5 minutes before nightly shower and after exercise
    • Exercise 3 days a week (weight free with crunches, push-ups, jumping jacks, planks, and running)
  • Mental Health
    • Implementing daily nap time – 10 minute power nap
    • Daily sleep 6-8 hours – try really hard to keep this
    • Daily meditation – focus on breathing for 2 minutes and be in the moment
    • Daily Crossword – Shortyz for Android!
  • Diet
    • No red meat 4 times a week
    • No soft drinks (Seltzer FTW)
    • More balanced vegetable and fruit intake – 1 Vegetarian day per week?
    • Daily drink 3 liters of water – I need to get better at drinking more water on weekends and when I’m not at work
  • Money Saving
    • Cook twice a week
    • Try a new recipe every 2 weeks (1 in 4 meals, I’ll do a blog post about it)
    • Bring lunch twice a week (probably from the leftovers)
  • Community
    • Try a new restaurant every two weeks and write a review – I just like eating
    • Connect with someone I haven’t in a long time every day (blog post to come, but essentially I want to help people complete their 30 under 30’s)

I’m in the process of writing an app where I can easily keep track all of this information and create some simple reports off of it.  I’m just going to plug it in directly with Google Calendar to keep it all easy. Let’s see how it works out!

~See Lemons Do a Year-Long Challenge