Android Lens Blur: Foodtographer’s Dream Feature

Random Observation/Comment #432: Foodtography single handedly covers all my passions. If I could just spend all day doing these things, I’d be happy: Traveling to a new place with unique food, Cooking food, taking photos of food, eating food, writing reviews about food, and then taking a nap. Life would be perfect.


Around this time last year, Google’s camera released a the photosphere feature.  As you may know, this feature beats my DSLR for taking landscape wide angle photos.  It stitches seamlessly and streamlines the whole process for sharing and viewing these photospheres online.

This year, I found my recent Nexus 5 update had a Lens Blur camera feature where the highly desired DSLR narrow depth of field / bouquet is mimicked by taking multiple photos in a slide fashion and stitching them to blur the background of your object in focus.  All of these photos below are taken with the Android Nexus 5 Lens Blur feature:

As you can see, the photos are actually pretty darn good for a smart phone and none of them used flash. The feature works well in low light and (although a little annoying to get used to at first because you need to do a slow pan upwards) it becomes my main go-to for taking food photos.  You’re welcome, Yelp.

~See Lemons Love Lens Blur